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Nitsa Rona

Meet our exceptional handcrafted jewelry designers and view their collections. We have hand selected our designers based upon their high level of creativity, experience and aptitude in the craft of jewelry making. Without the imagination of our talented designers, galerina would be, well, just like every other jewelry site. Start your exhilarating journey here 

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Featured Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

Featured Handmade Jewelry Designers

Dalya Israeli

Growing up in Jerusalem, Dalya Israeli spent many hours of her childhood walking through the markets and sifting through the treasures on the small streets of the "Old City". It was that mysterious feeling in the air that spurned her connection with beauty and art, bringing her lovely imagination for becoming creating jewelry to life.
Dalya’s award winning handmade jewelry designs come straight from heart with artful attention to details. Her newest handcrafted collection offered exclusively to Galerina Jewelry online includes:
- Gold Wedding Rings Collection
- Treasure Chest' Gold Lace Jewelry Collection
Feel free to visit all the handcrafted jewelry designers featured in Galerina, learn about their sources inspiration, background and  check out their creations.
In Galerina you'll find one-of-a-kind unique artisan handcrafted jewelry.
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